Welcome to LizardIRC, the friendly IRC network!

Please remember to read the network rules before connecting for the first time.

Ambox important.svg COVID-19 and Other Harmful Disinformation

Due to the circumstances surrounding the global COVID-19 pandemic, we would like to remind our users that, per the network rules, we believe that free speech does not shield you from criticism or consequences that come to you as a result of your speech. LizardIRC staff at all times—before, during, and after this pandemic—reserve the right to sanction and/or remove users from the network who use the network to spread harmful speech, including the deliberate spreading of harmful disinformation. Thoughtful, civil, responsible discussion of disinformation as such is explicitly allowed, though at this time we require users wishing to discuss COVID-19 disinformation, conspiracy theories, etc. use #the-quorum instead of #lizardirc.

For more information about what we expect from all of our users during this time, please visit our COVID-19 information page.

If you're seeking more information about COVID-19, please use reputable, trusted sources such as the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Health Canada, the World Health Organization, and your own local and national government resources. Wikipedia also contains useful information and may be a starting point for your own independent research.

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Connect now! WebchatDirect IRC connection (if you've already installed an IRC client on your computer)
Hostname to connect to using your IRC client: irc.lizardirc.org - Alternatively, to force an IPv4 or IPv6 server, use ipv4.irc.lizardirc.org or ipv6.irc.lizardirc.org, respectively.
Available on the Hyperboria cjdns mesh network! cjdns.irc.lizardirc.org
If you don't know what to do to connect, just click the Webchat link and follow the prompts!

We support SSL (secure) connections. Webchat uses SSL by default. If you're connecting using your IRC client, the following ports support SSL on all servers: 6697, 7000 - 7009, 8002, 9999 (webchat uses 9999, but other IRC clients may too)
Tor users are welcome via LizardIRC's hidden service - please see here.

Manage/create your NickServ account online: https://atheme.fastlizard4.org

General information

Network founded 10 July 2010
Network owners FastLizard4 and JD
Total number of network staff (AKA "opers") 5
Network staff (value in parentheses is the user's oper class):
IRC daemon InspIRCd, running Atheme services
Nickname ownership policy You own your nickname. None of that AuthServ nonsense.
Total number of (user-accessible) servers 4
Primary channels Lobby: #lizardirc, help: #help, oper channel: #opers (see also the primary channel list)
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About[edit | edit source]

Ambox warning pn.svg Banned?

Banned from LizardIRC? Please send an email to (click here to solve CAPTCHA and show email address), including the following:

  • Reason for requesting unban
  • Your IP address (if not using Tor)
  • Your NickServ account name, if you have one
  • Your last-used nickname
  • Subject line of "Unban request"

You will receive a response by email.

Tor users, please ensure that you are using the Tor hidden service before sending an unban appeal email. We generally do not accept requests for Tor users to be exempted from using the Tor hidden service to connect to LizardIRC.

LizardIRC is an IRC network originally founded by FastLizard4 in July of 2010, the name "LizardIRC" of course based on his online pseudonym. Now it has grown to a stable, full-serviced, friendly network of everything, from gaming to politics, heated debate to idle conversation, and programming to (gentle) operating system wars. Overseen by friendly staff, we aim to provide an excellent IRC experience with minimal hassle. LizardIRC Network Staff, sometimes colloquially referred to as "opers", are friendly and are people just like you. We won't bite, and we're more than happy to talk to you! Give LizardIRC a try, and we're sure you'll love the network so much you'll make it your home. Welcome!

Primary Channels[edit | edit source]

In addition to this list, you can search the full directory of (public) LizardIRC channels at Mibbit Search or at Netsplit.de!

Web/cloud IRC clients[edit | edit source]

The following web/cloud IRC clients are compatible with and recommended for use with LizardIRC:

But please feel free to use one not listed above!

Services[edit | edit source]

LizardIRC uses the Atheme services package, and has a "you own your nickname policy" - i.e., we use NickServ, not AuthServ/UserServ. Here is a partial list of services supported by LizardIRC:

Linking[edit | edit source]

LizardIRC is now accepting applications for linking servers. The linking policy, including requirements and procedure, can be found here.

Network Staff (oper)[edit | edit source]

Part of the mission of this network is to make network staff less of something to be feared, but more of simply trusted users that have more capabilities than most. To this end, new network staff are selected internally by consensus of the current active network staff, with candidates being well-known, trusted, long-time users of the network. When a consensus is reached, the chosen candidate will be approached with an offer.

Do not ask if you can become network staff or have oper privileges. As all selections are made internally when staff are needed, we do not accept applications, and asking is a waste of your time and ours. Furthermore, asking is a good way to get yourself permanently barred from even being considered for the position. If you are actually interested in becoming network staff, be an active, helpful, well-known, trustable user on the network for a year or more, and if you meet the qualifications and there is a need, you will be approached with an offer. Again, because this cannot be emphasized enough: DO NOT ask us if you can become network staff or have oper privileges. DO NOT.

Be advised that asking to become network staff is against the network rules. This means that you can be banned from the network (at staff discretion) if you ask, though we probably won't ban you the first time you ask - only if you become annoying about it.

Cloaks/vhosts[edit | edit source]

While we don't support usermode +x, you can get a basic cloak by registering with NickServ, then running the command /quote hs TAKE lizardirc/user/$account. If you want a different cloak, read the network rules for instructions on requesting a custom cloak, as well as the cloak format guidelines.

Spam Prevention[edit | edit source]

DNSBL[edit | edit source]

LizardIRC makes use of the DNSBL (domain name system blacklist) module in InspIRCd. When you connect to LizardIRC, your hostname and/or IP address are checked against the blacklist provided by dronebl.org, which maintains an RBLDNS (real-time blacklist for DNS) database of spammers, known botnets, etc. If you are listed in the dronebl DNSBL, you will be automatically Z:lined (i.e., globally banned) from connecting to the server for a period of time. If you are banned because you are listed on the DNSBL, you have two courses of action:

  1. Use the link that is automatically provided when you were Z:lined to request removal from the blacklist, and/or:
  2. Email the LizardIRC admins at (click here to expose email address), who can set a E:line (i.e., ban exemption) for you.

If you were banned by the DNSBL system because you use Tor or run a Tor exit node, please connect to LizardIRC using our Tor hidden service. See here for more info.

Open Proxy Scanner[edit | edit source]

LizardIRC makes use of the BOPM open proxy scanner and all connecting users are scanned for open proxies. If you are found to be running one, you will automatically be banned from connecting. The scans originate from and are not an attack on your computer, though they may appear to be so to an improperly configured antivirus scanner or in your logs. Your usage of LizardIRC constitutes your acknowledgement of this policy and your consent to be scanned and banned if you are running open proxies. If you do not wish to be scanned for open proxies, your usage of LizardIRC is unauthorized and you may not connect to the network. If there is some extenuating reason why you must use an open proxy, please send an email to the LizardIRC admins at (click here to expose email address).

Spam Filter[edit | edit source]

LizardIRC supports the use of spamfilters in the form of Perl-compatible regexes. Depending on the type of spam being blocked by the regex, the action taken by the spamfilter may be to merely prevent the message from being sent, killing the offending client, or G:lining the offending client. The spam filter may apply to any combination of messages or notices to users or channels, part messages, and/or quit messages.

If you are hit by a spamfilter and your message is blocked or you are killed, you can request help from an oper in #lizardirc. If you trip a spamfilter and are G:lined, you must wait some time for the G:line to expire (which varies from filter to filter), or send an email to the LizardIRC admins at (click here to expose email address).

Statistics[edit | edit source]



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