LizardIRC Linking Policy

LizardIRC always welcomes donations, and this includes additional servers for linkage to the network. However, due to the needs of the network, such donations must meet certain criteria, as detailed on this page.

Requirements[edit | edit source]

More than one server may be donated at once, but they must all comply with the following requirements:

Technical[edit | edit source]

Application process[edit | edit source]

  1. Ensure all requirements are met.
  2. Contact FastLizard4 or JD, or email network staff with your proposal. Please give us the following information:
    • Your name and nick on LizardIRC
    • Give the following for each server you wish to donate:
      • The server host company
        • Geographical location
      • The intended IP addresses of the server, if it already exists.
      • RAM and CPU specifications
      • Its operating system
      • Information on other programs running on the server
      • Your proposed server name. Our naming scheme is
  3. Staff will review the application and determine, at their discretion, whether to accept or reject it. You may be PM'd by network staff with additional questions.
  4. If it is accepted, FastLizard4 and JD will work with you with implementing it.
  5. If the donated server is successfully integrated, you will be eligible to receive the cloak of the form lizardirc/donor/*.

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